Testimonial 1

Libby has been a positive influence on my business practices. Her coaching style is one of support and guiding, she does not tell me what to do, but rather asks questions and I decide what my plan will be. She meets me where I'm at and guides me forward. I feel like I'm accountable to her, but more so accountable to myself. She is very knowledgeable about best business practices and the business of real estate. I highly recommend her if you want to take your business to the next level.


- Misty Deiparine

testimonial 2

As a newly licensed agent, Libby has been invaluable to me getting started! She has been such a great mentor - so knowledgeable, open, and willing to share her expertise. From her mentorship,  it is evident that she is a realtor you want to work with - upbeat, motivated, a skilled negotiator, and truly aims to help out and wants the best for her clients.


- Bre Ortiz

Testimonial 3

While preparing to launch my 2020 marketing efforts, I met with Libby, and after a few short meetings, she had helped me get a clear picture of my goals and develop a strategic plan.  Her coaching is motivating and insightful.


- Shawn Weiman

Testimonial 4

Libby has been my coach and educator for about 6 months.  She is coaching me on both my daily routines for business maintenance and on making my business stronger through various strategies.  My overall performance is gaining momentum and I believe the time and energy we spend together is contributing to my success.


- Molly Stauffer